Mon, 1 Dec 2014

Antibiotics Growth Promoter Will Be Restricted

The governmentplans to limit the use of antibiotics and antibacterial additive in feedsasgrowth promoter. Most types of antibiotics and antibacteriawhich havebeenfreely used as antibiotics growth promoters (AGP), especially in birds, will be banned by the government and their functionwill be restored to therapeutic drugs.


ToTROBOS Livestock,Director ofAnimalHealth, Ministry ofAgriculture,Pudjiatmokostated a planon the restriction/prohibitionas mandated by Law No. 18/2009 on Animal Husbandry and Animal Health. He referred to Article 22, paragraph 4 c that says every person is prohibited from usingfeeds mixed with certainhormones and/or antibioticsof feed additives. In addition, this step is aspiritto answer theglobal demandin minimizing antibiotic resistance and protectingconsumersfrom the negative effects of improper use of antibiotics.


So farbased on the existing regulations, there are 30 kinds of antibiotics and antibacteria that can be used as feed additives. And Veterinary Drugs Commission (KOH) in August gaverecommendations tothe government,sayingthatthere are 6 kinds of antibioticsand antibacteriathat arestillallowed in feed additives as promoters:enramisin, monensin, maduramisin, narasin, salinomisin, and semduramisin.


Separately, as quoted byTROBOSLivestock, Chairman of Veterinary Drugs Commission (KOH) Widyasmara addeda reference to thesame Law, Article 51 paragraph 3 which states "every person is prohibited fromusing certain animal drugs in animal products for human consumption". He explained that the meaning ofcertain veterinary drug is veterinary medicine resulting in residues in animal products which cancause health problemstopeoplewho consume the animal products.


According toAsohi(Association of Indonesian Veterinary Drugs) Consultant and veterinary medicine practitionerAbadiSutisna, so far there has been no rules or circular letter from the authorities about the restriction on the use of AGP. Nevertheless, he confirmed the discourse wasbased on therecommendationsof KOH.


BudiTangendjaja, an expert of AsohiCouncil explained thatscientifically theuse of classified antibiotics is fortreatment and prevention. For treatment, antibiotics isgivenwhen the chickens are sickthrough drinking water or injection.


Meanwhile,antibioticsmixed in feedsis usuallyused for the purpose of prevention. This typeisfurthersubdividedinto two groups: AGP as growth promoter andthe otheris used to control the growth of coccidia in the intestine, preventing the occurrence of coccidiosis or disease caused by coccidia infection.

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