Sun, 1 Mar 2015

Partnership of Corn Farmers

Erwin Jurhanas is one of the corn farmers from Lurung Elok village, Talang Rengas Hamlet, Natar District, Lampung, who becomes a partner of  PT Vasham Kosa Sejahtera. The form of partnership, Erwin explained, is where Vasham provides saprotan (production needs) needed by farmers, such as corn seeds, herbicides, fungicides, and organic fertilizers. Additionally, Vasham also provides assistance, and the corn yields are purchased by Vasham. According to Erwin, this partnership requires farmers in groups, with a land area of ​​at least 5 ha for one group. "We feel secure by this partnership because everything is guaranteed by Vasham," Erwin admitted.      


The corn absorbed by Vasham will be used as animal feed manufacturers as the main raw material for feed production. And as a company which belongs to the group of PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, Vasham is a fixed market that continuously needs supplies of corn.     


Mean while, in Sumber pucung, Malang, East Java, Rahmat Kartala, a corn farmer, also partners with PT Syngenta Seed Indonesia, a company producer of corn seed. However, it is not corn for consumption. The partnership is to produce hybrid corn seeds. Rahmat said that the benefits of the partnership, among others, getting different kinds of training and technological transfer of good corn cultivation. "And of course there is an increase in income," he explained.     


In fact, Rahmat added, the farmers obtain capital loans and supporting facilities without any interest, and the payment is done after harvest. The farmers also receive a certainty of selling prices for their corn product. "There is a price certainty when harvest time comes, and the set price is above the market price, so it is very profitable for farmers," he said.


Seed-producing companies like Syngenta, Monsanto, and Duppont commonly run a partnership of similar concept for corn seed-producing farmers. The seeds are provided for free and  the harvest of corn seed candidates is purchased above the price of corn for consumption which is used for feed raw material.

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