Sun, 1 Mar 2015

Indigofera Increases Layer Production

Indigofera has long been known to contain a green concentrate which is good for animal feed since its course protein can reach 26-31%. As a result, many studies have been conducted to analyze the potential of indigofera as an alternative protein source for poultry feed, substituting for soybean meal, for example, which is still hard to obtain.   


Luky Abdullah, a feed expert in the Faculty of Animal Science, Bogor Agricultural University (Fapet IPB), said that commonly this legume used as the main menu of ruminant feed that can reach 70% of the total ration. "In addition to its nutritional content, indigofera is easily cultivated with high reproductive potential. And one of the prospective types which has been developed is Indigofera zollingeriana," he told TROBOS Livestock.


Luky also dared to declare that indigofera can be an alternative protein source for poultry feed, especially layers (laying hens). "Indigofera has proven able to increase the production and quality of eggs. Theimproved quality includes the color, the content of ß-carotene, and vitamin A in egg yolk," he said.


Thepotential of indigofera as a protein source substitution has been demonstrated by the research conducted by Rizki Palupi, a doctoral candidate at IPB. Part of indigofera which is used for poultry feed is 5 top young leaves. "Theuse of the leaves because based on the analysis they contain low lactose and coarse fiber, making it qualified for poultry feed," said Sumiati, a lecturer of Poultry Nutrition Science at Fapet IPB.

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