Wed, 1 Apr 2015

Slats Instead of Husks

Currently, most chicken farmers, particularly broiler farmers, are still using husksas media of covering floors. However, with increasingly rapid technological developments, slat application could be an alternative solution to substitutefor husks.


According to Dhanang Purwantoro, Branch Manager of East Indonesia of PT Sinar Mustika Raya, the use of slatswould become a solution to replace the husks which are increasingly hard to come by. In Malaysia, huskshavebeen used as a mixture of wood and plywood. "Withslats made of plastic, bamboo, or iron,husks areno longer usedstarting from one day old chicks until harvest time or during production," he said.


Istanto, achicken farmer in Solo, Central Java, has already applied slats. Currently, at his chicken housewith abattery system, Istanto is not using husks but plastic slats. His 4-floor battery chicken housecan be filled with broilers, chicken cocks, and layers (laying hens). "The cage was madefor multi purposes and we do not use husks but plastic slats so that the chickens arenot directly in contact with their droppings," he explained.


The reason why Istanto replaced husks with slats was not only due to health considerations but also because of population density. According to him, using slats make chickens healthier because they do not come into contact with their droppings and the air circulation is certainly better.


Istanto said that with a husk-covered floor thepopulation density was 8 birds per m2. By using afour-floor battery cage, the density can be increased almost 3 times as manyas 20 birds per m2. "If you use battery cages, automatically you use slats with a distance of only 25 cm between the battery cages," he said.

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