Wed, 1 Apr 2015

Feed Concentrate Business for Cattle

Feed intake is a factor that affects the performance of beef cattle as well as dairy cattle. Unfortunately, some farmers still choose to use low cost feed without assessing its quality so that the performance of their cattle is very oftennot optimal.


Seeing this condition, last year Yuswardie Wibawa, along with his two colleagues, tried to make a business unit of small-scale feed mill in the area of ​​Kemang in Bogor, West Java. "The making of this feed is intended to provide cattle farmers, especially in Bogor,with good quality," said President Director of CV Nuansa Baru to TROBOS Livestock.


According to Endin Nurdin, the Commissioner of CV Nuansa Baru, another reason to go into this business, in addition to the low quality of feed received by cattle farmers, was that the players of concentrate feed business generally come from outside Bogor. "We think this is a business opportunity, because the market share for concentrate feed is pretty big," he said.


Moreover, the development of dairy farms in Bogor has been quite rapid as indicated by the number of farms from the outside that has expanded to Bogor. "We have the advantages in terms of quality and economy price because the raw materials are directly from the importer," he said.


Although they just enjoy 10% market share, Yuswardie admitted, the products have been received by the market with a sales growth indicator that continues to rise. "Now we sell concentrate and raw materials around 100-120 tons per month," he claimed.

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