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The Urgency of Coaching for Juleha Poultry

The Urgency of Coaching for Juleha Poultry


Poultry meat, especially chicken, is still the center stage of Indonesian society. Moreover, when entering HBKN or National Religious Holidays, it is almost certain that the demand will increase sharply.
BPS (Central Statistics Agency) had collected data summarized in the book ‘Animal Husbandry in Figures 2020’. In it, it is noted that throughout the year the demand for chicken meat tended to luctuate and ended with increasing demand at the end of the year.
The provision of livestock products, including poultry products, must meet the criteria of ASUH (Safe, Healthy, Whole, Halal). This is in accordance with Law Number 18 of 2009 concerning Animal Husbandry and Animal Health. On the other hand, the Indonesian people, who are predominantly Muslim, also require that livestock products be ASUH.
Head of the Food Security and Animal Husbandry Service of West Java Province, Jafar Ismail, said that in order to produce ASUH poultry meat, it is a joint responsibility to foster juleha (halal slaughterers) regularly and consistently. “So, later they can apply the way to handle, process and produce poultry meat in a good and halal manner,” he said in an online training seminar on poultry juleha, through the Zoom application some time ago.
The existence of training for juleha poultry especially for the broiler sector is also a critical point in providing safe food. Besides that, Jafar
considered that this profession was a noble job.
Supratikno, a Veterinary Anatomy Expert FKH (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine) IPB, who is also a Juleha Competency Assessor, added that
a poultry juleha must have 13 competency units which are divided into several sections. First is religious competence, second is work management competence
and sanitation hygiene and third part is technical competence in carrying out the slaughter process.
Regarding the law of halal haram in the process of slaughtering poultry, the basic guidelines used are the fatwas of the MUI (Indonesian Ulema Council), apart from of course the Holy Book of the Al-Qur’an and hadiths. “The MUI fatwa used is Number 12 of 2009 concerning the halal certiication standard,” added Andri Mulyadi, a member of the MUI Bandung and Manager of the Da’wah Sector of the Salman Mosque ITB.
Juleha must be really ready, strong, and accurate in carrying out their duties. The conditions that must be fulilled by the slaughterer are not only intelligent and mature, but also he understands the procedures for slaughtering well.l

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