Thu, 1 Jul 2021

Let's Eat Chicken & Eggs!

Let's Eat Chicken & Eggs!


The Covid-19 pandemic, which has lasted for about 2 years, requires people around the world to take extra care of their health to avoid the disease caused by this coronavirus. Various efforts have been made to increase immunity, one of which is by consuming animal protein from chicken meat and eggs.
Campaign efforts to increase consumption of chicken meat and eggs are intensively carried out by national poultry stakeholders. It is like the collaboration carried out by two chicken farmer organizations, namely Pinsar (Association of People's Poultry People) Indonesia and GOPAN (National Chicken Farmer Organization Association).
At every poultry conference or at special moments held by these two grassroots organizations, the campaign to eat chicken meat and eggs is always echoed by cooperating with the government and other poultry industry stakeholders, including the Chicken and Egg Ambassadors. Even in a special moment in Jatinom, Klaten, Central Java (19/6), Pinsar Indonesia collaborated with the Coordinating Minister for the Economy Airlangga Hartarto to carry out a chicken and egg consumption campaign by distributing around 50,000 packages of chicken and eggs to the public.
“The government is committed to encouraging people to increase their consumption of chicken and eggs. Chicken and eggs are one solution to the problem of nutritional needs that can increase body immunity, especially in the current Covid-19 pandemic situation. The government hopes that this campaign can increase the consumption of chicken meat and eggs in the community which will certainly support Indonesia's economic recovery," explained Airlangga.
Eggs have many health benefits since they have high nutrition and high-quality protein. Eggs are not only easy to obtain and process, but they also belong to foods that are full of nutrients. Eggs can even be classified as superfoods because of their nutritional content.
In addition to campaigning for eating eggs, Airlangga conveyed the importance of the poultry industry for the Indonesian economy. "Currently, the people's poultry industry has a real contribution to the economic sector by absorbing a workforce of about 2 million people," he said.
Therefore, the government is committed to continuing to strive for the welfare of farmers, one of which is through the development of poultry corporations to improve the performance of the smallholder poultry industry. The challenges experienced by the poultry industry are the current government's attention. “The government will encourage the poultry industry and pilot programs. Various challenges in this industry such as fluctuations in corn prices and the livestock system must be resolved immediately," he said.
According to the General Chairman of the Indonesian Pinsar DPP, Singgih Januratmoko, this activity is one of the efforts to encourage increased consumption of animal protein, namely chicken meat and eggs in the current epidemic conditions. In addition, to increase the absorption of national poultry production. "The government's care and support are able to move the economy so that the people are healthy and the economy rises," he hoped.

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