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Transformation in the Midst of the Storm

Transformation in the Midst of the Storm


The climate of the poultry industryhas changed. There is no option to survive for independentbreeders, especially broiler commodities, but to get up and adjust immediately. Throughout the history of industry, the ones who survived the scourge of the waves of time were those who were able to transform in the midst of a storm.
Market-oriented business by creating a market does not alwaysfill an already crowded market with tricks and games. Theabsence of a market should be read as  an opportunity to build a market with minimal competition. The demand void is an infinite space to scoop up customers. These empty spaces can always
be found, even created through the creativity and innovation of industry players.
“How could you say that Indonesia is not prospective in terms of the chicken business. Large poultry production facilities companiesfrom various countries have been here. Also many countries want to send their poultry products to Indonesia,” said Abby AP Dharmaputra, Head of Central Marketing of Tri Group in the 19th online seminar MIMBAR TROBOS Livestock The Series themed “ Independent Farmer Transformation” initiated by TROBOS LivestockMagazine, prepared by TComm (TROBOS Communication),held through the Zoom application, and broadcast live by Agristream TV and Facebook TROBOS Livestock on Tuesday (6/7).
In addition to Abbi, the forum sponsored by PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Tbk; PT Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health; PT Ceva Animal Health Indonesia; and this Tri Group also featured Sugeng Wahyudi, a senior broiler breeder and Chairman of the Wirasakti Utama Cooperative; Roni Maulana Yusup, CEO of Berkah Chicken; and Hary Adam, millennial broiler breeder, CEO of Alkea Naratas Farm. The transformation of production technology is the answer to the reality of the increasingly slim opportunity for conventional broiler production to profit due to price pressures in the live bird market which often goes crazy. As Hary Adam did, that is to keep improving efficiency by adopting closed house cultivation technologyand making breakthroughs using up to date maintenancetechniques.
Since 10 years ago, as a second generation breeder (G2), he has handled the planning and branding of the Naratas Group, which was founded by his father - Ajat Darajat, a senior breeder from Ciamis, West Java.
Mutual Help (gotong-royong) and Association (bersyarikat). The two words are similar in meaning. Gotong-royong is the basic principleof cooperatives that is promoted as a business transformation strategy for broiler breeders by the Wirasakti Utama Cooperative. Meanwhile, business association (syirkah) in the spirit of mutual responsibility (takaful) is held by the Chicken Berkah Partnership.

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