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The Urgency of Herbs in Poultry

The Urgency of Herbs in Poultry


No matter how good the genetics of modern poultry is, if it is not supported by a proper environment, the performance of poultry will not be optimal. On the other hand, modern poultry is very sensitive to environmental in fluences. Oftentimes, modern poultry is susceptible to disease. In
order for modern poultry to be more resistant to the onslaught of disease, one of them is by providing nutrition that is able to maintain the metabolic system in poultry as well as a preventive measure.

Nasiruddin Miftahul as Business Development of PT Ganeeta Formula Nusantara said that the preventive efforts that can be done by farmers to fortify modern poultry from disease attacks is by giving them natural compounds derived from plants (herbs).The function of herbs is more of a preventive effort with their

active substances to stimulate immunity in the poultry body (immunomodulator). “The difference with antibiotics is that antibiotics are more specific in terms of treatment as well as killing microorganisms or diseases in poultry,” he told TROBOS Livestock on Thursday (23/6).

Nasiruddin said the use of herbs did not cause residues in the resulting poultry products. That is when the poultry has been slaugh tered and the meat is consumed it will not cause residues in humans.

“Herbs also do not cause resistance to microorganisms or diseases in poultry. It is even able to accelerate the recovery of infection when poultry is sick,” he explained.

He further said that the laying hens that experience stress cause decreased appetite. The use of herbs will be able to speed up the condition of the
laying hens back to normal within 3-4 days. Or the chicken has wet dropping, which is a non-infectious symptom that can occur due to high water consumption and poor feed. Then the recovery process in chickens will be fast and they will be productive again as before the chickens were exposed to stress or disease.

He stated that the problem of stress in laying hens is the main problem that causes disturbances in the production process. Moreover, changes in the environment that change from time to time, of course, laying hens will be sensitive to that environment. Excessive stress will lead to oxidative stress which results in low oxygen in the blood of chickens and even damages cells. Herbs will be able to control stress so that it is stable.

Herbs that have antioxidant properties will also inhibit when infected with respiratory diseases such as CRD (chronic respiratory disease). “Given that the respiratory system in poultry has very simple organs, so when attacked, at least they recover quickly,” he added.

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